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Sign -up and select your role as Farm.


Set your Profile and Company info.



Add Items to your Store.

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The Calendar will automatically update your orders, telling you when items need to be picked and delivered. It can help you plan your workflow at a glance. 

  1. The Calendar will automatically create invoices and enter pack and harvest lists based on orders from your customers. 
  2. The ordered items can be easily edited, and payment terms and discounts can be changed at the click of a button.
  3. Create and print individual shipping and packing labels for easy use in distribution. 

Reports + Labels will show everything. Click on it and scroll down if you want to see invoices or just labels. Selecting Quickbooks will allow you to export data to Quickbooks.

Page Selection Tab

Click on the three lines on the blue bar at the top to open up page selection. From here you can select your store, view your calendar, reach out to and keep track of your customers, manage your orders, update your profile, and view reports. If you wish to personalize the icon above your name, click on it and upload a picture.


Your customers and/or distributors will know what's available based on your store.

To Add a new Item

Scroll to the proper category and click the large on the right

1.  ITEM NAME, and Sub Name (Description)

2. UOM (Unit Of Measure: example Lbs, Bunch, Dozen)

3. PACK (example: Case, Bag, Flat, or Gallon)

4. TOTAL AVAILABLE QUANTITY (example: "500" Lbs)

5. COUNT (example: "10" Lbs Case)

6. + COUNT (Add more Counts: 10 Lbs Cs, 20 Lbs Cs)

7. PRICE (this is your sales price)

8. Image (click on the camera if you want to add an image of the product)

Click the pencil icon to edit an item. Click the circle on the right to toggle an item on or off for your customers to see (the toggle will be blue and the row will be white if it is on). If you work with a distributor, a green dot will show next to the item name if it is toggled on for you but not in the distributor's store. A red dot means that the item is toggled off in your farm.

You may set price tiers for wholesale, retail, and distributors by clicking on the price tiers button.

Personalizing your icon and banner is as easy as clicking on them and uploading a new picture! 

The Search Bar allows you to find items quickly.

The Time-Stamp will sort items in their categories by latest or earliest update.

Clicking Print will generate a pdf version of your catalog.





Use the Broadcast feature to email your Buyers a personal link to Order from your Store

The Broadcast sends an Email to your Buyers with a personal Order link for your Store. Set your next Delivery Date and Order Cut-Off Time and Date.

Add Customers by clicking on the large pink sign on the right. Enter their ordering email, name, and company name. Enter the address by clicking on the newly created customer.

Customers can be sorted alphabetically or by latest update.


Open Profile by clicking on the Page Selection Tab and selecting the little icon of a person under your email. Here you can enter all of your shipping and contact information which will be used for the shipping labels and invoices. You can also select if you want your store to automatically toggle off a product if other customers have already bought everything by selecting "Disabled item from store if Qty goes to 0 or less." Finally, you can enter a personalized bio of your farm for customers to read.


Select Settings by opening the Page Selection Tab and clicking on the cogwheel icon underneath your email. Here you will be able to view and create several reports:

1. Monthly Sales Invoices

2. Monthly Purchase Invoices

3. Annual Crop Timeline (will show you everything you've sold throughout the year)

4. Organization Login Members (allow employees to access your account through their emails; you will retain admin control).

5. Organic Handler Number (Helps customers verify that your food is organic)

6. Food Definitions Criteria Checklist (If you follow sustainable food and label criteria from different organizations, check them here)


Click: date on the calendar. 




Open Individual Order


Click: Sales



Email Invoice

Click: Send Invoice. 

To emailed a copy to your Customer.


  • Sales orders

  • All Invoice

  • Purchase Orders

  • Labels.

  • Or export to Quick-Books


View Reports

Edit profile

Manage your Username (email address), Company Name, Mobile Number or Address

Update Password In SETTINGS, Click "Edit Profile" to update your PASSWORD.

Start invoice number

Enter the number you like to use to as your starting invoice number.

FRESHr runs on Web & Mobile Browsers on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone.


Automates purchasing online.


Connect Farms, Distributors, Chefs, & Grocers.


Make communications easy to buy and sell fresh produce. 


FRESHr allows me more time in the field and design studio with my flowers, and less time doing paperwork. 

Nichole - Sonoma Flower Mart


“FRESHr makes a global impact.”

News    |  July 2018