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An ordering platform for chefs & grocers.


"FRESHr makes ordering easy."

Michael - Chef


Features Overview

The following


Feature 1

View Deliveries.

Organize Invoices.


Feature 2

Real-time Availability.

Order Online.

Feature 3

Edit Orders.

Track Invoices.


Chefs & Grocers

Getting Started

1.  SIGN-UP                                                                                                             2.  ADD PROFILE                                                                                    3.  Invite Vendors

Sign -up and select your role as a Seller.                                                                                                   Set your Profile and Company info.                                                                                    Invite your Farms and Distributors to Freshr





The Calendar will automatically update your orders, telling you when items will be delivered. It can help you plan your workflow at a glance. 

  1. The Calendar will automatically create invoices and show your incoming orders. 
  2. The ordered items can be easily edited, and can be changed at the click of a button by adding or deleting items and quantities.
  3. Orders can be sorted by time or by vendor.

Reports + Labels will show everything. Click on it and scroll down if you want to see invoices or just labels. Selecting Quick-books will allow you to export data to Quick-books.




Page Selection Tab

Click on the three lines on the blue bar at the top to open up page selection. From here you can view your calendar, reach out to and keep track of your vendors, manage your orders, update your profile, and view reports. If you wish to personalize the icon above your name, click on it and upload a picture.










Open Profile by clicking on the Page Selection Tab and selecting the little icon of a person under your email. Here you can enter all of your shipping and contact information which will be used for the shipping labels and invoices. You can also enter a personalized bio of your farm for customers to read.



Select Settings by opening the Page Selection Tab and clicking on the cogwheel icon underneath your email. Here you will be able to view and create several reports:

1. Monthly Sales Invoices

2. Monthly Purchase Invoices

3. Annual Crop Timeline (helps you keep track of what will be available when)

4. Organization Login Members (allow employees to access your account through their emails; you will retain admin control).

5. Organic Handler Number (Helps customers verify that your food is organic)

6. Food Definitions Criteria Checklist (If you follow sustainable food and label criteria from different organizations, check them here)



Edit Order

Edit orders and view Invoices

Orders are organized by Delivery Date.  Click a Delivery Date to view your Orders.

Click Sales Order to edit details

Click on a Sales Order in your Delivery Calendar, then Click the Blue Pencil Edit Icon.

Manage Invoices

FRESHr makes it easy to organize all your invoices

View the details of each order and invoice, and maintain your purchasing history.